We are a small local producer of an extra virgin olive oil that we think is one of the Bellarine Peninsula’s best-kept secrets.

Our focus is on small volume production of superior extra virgin olive oil, using sustainable growing approaches that ensure excellent quality whilst protecting our environment. For example, we use biological pest control methods, such as introducing ladybirds to the grove.

What differentiates us from most other growers is that our trees are dry-grown. That means that we do not irrigate, so the trees survive on whatever natural rainfall there is. This usually means the trees yield less fruit, but we believe that is more than compensated for by the concentration of flavour and improved quality.

You can also be assured of the quality, because we have qualified for The Australian Olive Association’s Code of Practice certification. In addition, our oil has won various medals at the Australian National Extra Virgin Olive Oil shows.

This olive oil, bread, wine and you, beneath a tree,

And wilderness, a paradise would be!  

(apologies to Omar Khayyam)


7 Responses to “About”


    I just tasted your olive oil at the new bakery in Drysdale; it is absolutely stunning & matches beautifully with their delicious breads.
    Now I need to know where I can buy it – I live in Portarlington.
    Cheers !
    Juliet Gavens

    • Hi Juliet! So lovely to hear from you and that you like our oil. We’re pretty proud of it. 😊 It’s stocked at a few local places like the Produce Barn at Tuckerberry Hill, Queenscliff Farm Foods and Basil’s Farm. Otherwise we’re happy for you to drop by and buy some from us if that suits you – our property is about 5 minutes outside Portarlington at 593 Queenscliff Rd. If the latter, let me know and I’ll make sure we organise a time that someone is around.
      …and sn’t the bread at Little Wings simply amazing?!

      Kind Regards,


    Hi Doug
    Is there a day this week that I could come and buy a few bottles of oil ?
    Thank you !
    Juliet Gavens

  3. Juliet Gavens said

    Hi, I’d like to buy 2 bottles of olive oil; how do I organise that?
    Thank you !
    Juliet Gavens

  4. Hi Juliet!

    Lovely to hear from you and glad to hear you’d like some more of our oil! We’ve just started bottling this year’s harvest so it’s a great time to get some more. If you’re local to the Bellarine, the best place to buy some is from Tuckerberry Hill or else we can organise a time for you to come by the farm. If the latter, perhaps give us a call on 03 52573616

    Kind Regards,

  5. Juliet Gavens said

    Hi Doug, when we’re not in lockdown, are you still selling your oil through Tuckerberry Hill?
    Thank you,
    Juliet Gavens

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