We now have four new products to offer you:

   Garlic-infused olive oil

    Basil-infused olive oil

    Chilli-infused olive oil

    Lime-infused olive oil

All in 250ml bottles, at $14.00 each, and all made with our 2011 extra virgin olive oil.

In “Epicure” this week!

December 2, 2011

We were excited to see our olive oil featured in The Age’s “Epicure” this week. A slight mistake, however: our only Melbourne outlet is actually Oliveria, on the corner of Cato Street and Commercial Road in Prahran. It was great to see Oliveria’s Morri Behrmann was extensively quoted in the article.


Two more Bronze awards!

November 1, 2011

Both our Manzanillo and our Frantoio/Correggiola blend have just won bronzes at the Australian Olive Association’s 2011 National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Awards! We are very proud!

We have just heard the exciting news that our 2011 Manzanillo Oil has won a bronze medal at the Melbourne Fine Food Awards. Perhaps I should have entered the Frantoio/Correggiola as well!

Harvest 2011

June 14, 2011

We finished harvesting our Manzanillo, Corregiola and Frantoio trees in early June. The fruit has been pressed and the oil is now ready for sale! Here are some photos of the harvest.

The hard way

April 26, 2011

If you think we’ve been quiet lately it’s because we’ve been  working so hard in the grove. One of the consequences of refusing to use herbicides to control weeds, combined with a rainy summer, is that the grass has grown with great gusto. Normally our offset mulcher behind the tractor would cope with it, but the tractor knocks the olives off the trees if we get too close at the moment. So, to prepare the grove for the upcoming harvest we are hand mowing  or whipper-snipping around each tree, all 1200 of them!!


March 8, 2011

Spent the afternoon on our Massey Ferguson 35, mulching between the trees: so many dragonflies darted about. Are they friend or foe? Does anyone know what they eat? Could it be ladybirds (therefore foe) or scale (therefore friend)?

Ripe for the picking 2011

Established in 1998, Mason’s Creek is an olive grove on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. Our award-winning extra virgin olive oil is exquisite. The trees are dry-grown, so the oil is a product of natural rainfall, delivering a deliciously concentrated burst of pungency and fresh peppery flavour.

We have created this website to enable you to find out more about our products and where they are available. Please navigate using the menu above to find out more!

Stay tuned to the news-reel for the latest info on this season’s harvest. We’ll be updating regularly!